Component, Module, & System Solutions for your Designs

Our goal is to provide complete solutions to our customers through our Represented Manufacturers.  Where needed, guide our customers to mass production solutions or if needed, engineered solutions that exceed their expectations.

Integrity,  Reputation, and Relationships

Our Sales Principles

For over 40 years, CK Associates has helped develop customized marketing strategies to boost sales and build product awareness. Our long-standing connections with our partners ensure we’ll even help increase the demand for your product. We have a deep understanding of the market and competition, and we’ll use this knowledge to help you achieve your business goals.
  • Knowledge of our Customers
    Customer-Centric Solutions: Your Success is Our Business. Leveraging Relationships, Industry Expertise, and Financial Insights for Maximum Results!
  • Knowledge of our Products
    Product Mastery, Market Expertise: Unleashing Success Through Knowledge, Innovation, and Application-Specific Solutions!
  • Knowledge of the Competition
    Strategic Advantage: Leveraging Competitor Insights to Ensure Success, Minimize Customer Risk, and Outshine the Competition!

We help Connect the Dots, Simplify the Complex, and Deliver Your Vision!

At CK Associates, we offer services that are backed by our cutting-edge database system to keep track of customer profiles, quotes, and orders. As a result, we are able to help our principals grow their market share and provide value-added solutions to our customers.
CK Associates serves our Customers by providing design, component recommendations  and engineering services that support leading product technologies. We provide Samples, Quotes, and Lead Time to give our Customers Cutting Edge Designs and Faster Time to Market. At CK Associates, we provide Product data sheets, Design Kits and Emerging Technology roadmaps. We help transform our Customers Business, to make Smarter, Faster design decisions.
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Are you looking for a specific part or are you looking to improve your design with new technology? Our goal at CK Associates is to provide a complete block diagram of solutions for your design.
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Power Management
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"CK Associates started in 1982 and has grown to be a region leading Manufacturing Rep firm by creating a Synergistic line card to focus on the needs of the customer. CK Associates has been a trusted partner in the electronics component market since 2011. They are a first class Manufacturer Rep firm at all levels. CK has created an organization well known for the quality of its people, industry leading supplier representation and Experience. These pillars are exactly what hold up an amazing relationship between our organizations. It all starts at the top, with the vision and strategy to develop and manage a trend setting organization."

Todd S. McAtee

SVP Business Development Americas

"Having worked with CKA over the last 6 years I can say CK Associates is one of the most professional manufacturers rep firms I have come to know in the electronics business. They are extremely professional and have a deep knowledge base of their market. The management is very professional, their field staff is very knowledgeable and proactive about their markets and customers. CKA is truly a leader in the Southwest when it comes to Manufacturers’ representatives. They are professional in their approach and work diligently with their customers to create value, strong customer relationships and promotes customer satisfaction. There is no doubt that CK Associates is one of the premier representatives in the electronics industry."

Richard Grace

Director, Area Sales

"In depth knowledge of customers, products and competition 🡪 These are things I value most! CK Associates epitomizes the ability to gather this information and help position a manufacturer to achieve its greatest success. I would strongly recommend them, and you can reach out to me via LinkedIn should you like to discuss it."

Jay Barrus

President, Rohm Semiconductor USA

"In 2017, CK Associates became our manufacturer representative. Over the last five years, I have witnessed nothing but a best-in-class go-to-market strategy. We have gained new customers, entered new markets, increased market share, and ultimately grown our sales in the territories that it represents for Nichicon. It starts at the top with great leadership. Under Jeffrey Davidson, he has built a highly competent, technical, responsive, and ethical sales team. CK has delivered the results that we desired. If you are looking for a manufacturer representative, look no further and contact CK Associates."

Todd W. Oelerich

Director of Sales

"It is both a privilege and pleasure to recommend CK Associates as an accomplished Manufactures Rep Firm. CK Associates combines a sense of urgency about accomplishing goals with uncompromising ethics and attention to detail. The CK team is an absolute pleasure to work with and would be a valuable asset to any organization."

Gail Price

Director of Sales, Americas Western Region - Luminus

"One of the best reps i have worked with in my 40 years in business. CK Associates makes my job easier and saves me time."

Mike McIntyre

Ceo, Arrc Led